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Aitor Burgui

Pamplona [spain] close

Más de 20 años dedicado a las cabinas del territorio norte español hacen de este artista uno de los Dj´s locales más habituales del panorama norte. El mismo se define como un DJ amante de la música electronica en estado puro fundiéndose actualmente de lleno en el techno que es […]

Inaki Kreator

Pamplona/Iruñea [Eus] close

Iñaki Calvo (Kreator a.k.a. Chit Chat) launched his musical career when he formed Karkoma, a grindcore act with a sound influenced by groups like Napalm Death, Corrosion of Conformity, and Defekation; the project only lasted two years given that Iñaki had become enamored with electronic music. When he broke up the […]

Berlin Bunny


Artist, photographer, graphic designer born in Poland, but over 10 years based in Berlin, Germany and partly living in Shenzhen, China. In 2012 starting as vinyl collector, in 2017 she started to mix music in public combing her strong alternative electro punk music background with techno strongly inspired by Berlin’s […]


[spain] close

Editer started as a dj at the age of 16 years after partying in an electronic music festival. Thanks to this he became curious about the vinyl spin. Influenced by different flavour and decades of music he started to be involved in this lifestyle. His first mixtures were made with […]

Chit Chat Sex Band

Spain [USA] close

Chit Chat Sex Band is an unconventional live electronic act based in Pamplona. The group’s members are Iñaki Kreator (composition, production, live sequencing) Sampler (lyrics and vocals, electronics, f/x) and Pablo Gimeno Gurpegui (keyboards, guitars, and drums.) Their original sound, indicative of the international make-up of the band, is a […]

Ethan Fawkes

Liege [Belgium] close

I-traxx Label Artist Cuando escuchas el trabajo de Ethan Fawkes es fácil intuir que viene influido por el grunge de los 90 Faith no More, Nirvana o Sepultura fue cuando aprendió a tocar el bajo eléctrico y la guitarra justo antes de ser seducido por el la electrónica, (acid core), […]


[Belgium] close

Producer/Engineer/Songwriter/Composer/ Music Video Writer/Director/Producer/Editor. VV303 Aka Steve Deconinck started making music at the age of 16. In the ‘90’s he co-operated on different projects in the Belgian Techno/Trance-scene. On International base Steve Deconinck had worked for the Undergound label TRSI Records Austria and the Amiga Demo-scene. Steve Deconinck has also […]

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