Ethan Fawkes – Symptom Of Apocalypse

Ethan Fawkes – Symptom Of Apocalypse

Label: I-Traxx Red Edition

Release date: 31/10/2014

Catalog number: ITR005

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> Meat For Vultures
Ethan Fawkes
> Never Wake Up feat. Emélie Nicolaï
Ethan Fawkes, Emélie Nicolaï
> It Stays Nothing
Ethan Fawkes
> Nocturnal feat. Bernard F
Ethan Fawkes, Bernard F
> They Control, They Divide
Ethan Fawkes
> Wizard Feat. Dreadfool
Ethan Fawkes, Dreadfool
> No More Life
Ethan Fawkes
> Wolfmen feat Lady Lupa
Ethan Fawkes, Lady Lupa
> Contaminated feat Volktherapy
Ethan Fawkes, Volktherapy
> Kill - Destruction
Ethan Fawkes
> Where´s My World
Ethan Fawkes
> Meat For Vultures (Acylum Remix)
Ethan Fawkes, Acylum
> Meat For Vultures (Krystal System Remix)
Ethan Fawkes, Krystal System
> Kill - Destruction (Aengeldust Remix)
Ethan Fawkes (Aengeldust Remix)
> Meat For Vultures (Iszoloscope Remix)
Ethan Fawkes, Iszoloscope
> It Stays Nothing (VV303 Remix)
Ethan Fawkes, VV303

Mixed by Yann Faussurier
Mastered by Len Lemeire
All composed by Ethan Fawkes except Contaminated composed by Ethan Fawkes and Volktherapy
Nocturnal based on Chopin Nocturne Op. 48, No. 1 in C minor
All writed by Ethan Fawkes except Never Wake Up by Emélie Nicolaï, Nocturnal by Bernard F., Wizard by Ethan Fawkes and Lady Lupa, No More Life and Wolfmen by Lady Lupa, Contaminated by Ethan Fawkes and Volktherapy, Kill Destruction by Ethan Fawkes and Ray Laurens

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