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Aitor Burgui

Pamplona [spain] close

Más de 20 años dedicado a las cabinas del territorio norte español hacen de este artista uno de los Dj´s locales más habituales del panorama norte. El mismo se define como un DJ amante de la música electronica en estado puro fundiéndose actualmente de lleno en el techno que es […]

Inaki Kreator

Pamplona/Iruñea [Eus] close

Iñaki Calvo (Kreator a.k.a. Chit Chat) launched his musical career when he formed Karkoma, a grindcore act with a sound influenced by groups like Napalm Death, Corrosion of Conformity, and Defekation; the project only lasted two years given that Iñaki had become enamored with electronic music. When he broke up the […]


Spain [Spain] close

Pelacha is one of the most charismatic and internationally recognized djs of Spain. Over the years she has been playing in all legendary clubs all across Spain as such as Fabrik, Macumba, La Real ,Octopus, Moog, Blau, Pagoa, Basik, Orosco, Family Club, Zeus, Metro Dance Club among others. For nine year, […]

DJ Skull

Chicago/Berlin [USA] close

DJ Skull can be counted as one of the strongest identities fronting the vanguard sound of Chicago’s underground. His stylistic nonpareil is reflected in his ability to ebb and flow between harder techno and windycity, house music soul.


Spain [Spain] close

Bruhma aka Samuel Dominguez arrived to I-Traxx Recordings (Black Edition)

Jamie Anderson

Berlin [UK] close

Jamie Anderson initially made a name for himself in the mid-90’s UK Techno scene with releases on Rotation, NRK and his own Artform label to name a few. Taught by musicians whilst growing up in West London and trained in improvisation and keyboards whilst living in Bristol Jamie additionally developed into […]

Korben Nice

Barcelona [Spain] close

Korben nice is a growing and evolutinary project that is increasing over the years. It is focused in the hardest and most powerfull sounds of the techno scene. Harmonic and atmospheric sounds enconpass a project that began in 2012. Their references have been published on labels such as: Wunderblock, SUB […]


Eus [Eus] close

Dj.Göo! es a día de hoy uno de los Dj’s más inquietos e interesantes. Con más de 12 años de carrera, su apretada agenda añade sesiones cada semana. Es Dj residente en La 2 (Nitsa-Apolo / Barcelona) o Nicolette (Pamplona) y ha actuado en festivales como el BBK Bilbao Live, […]


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